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Benefits of Tailored Distance Learning (TDL)

With the tailored distance learning (TDL) units the student receives an individualized program that allows him to focus on the language skills that he personally requires. It also provides the student with a clear understanding of his strengths and weaknesses, so we can work on them together.
By conducting distance learning (TDL) with us prior to a live environment training (S-LET) event our instructors will better understand the student’s needs and goals before the (S-LET) begins. This helps our cadre of trainers prepare a specific (S-LET) experience purpose built to meet individual student requirements.

The student will arrive at the school with more confidence and will have pre-established learning relationships with the trainers which will make the course even more effective. Tailored distance learning (TDL) is also available and encouraged after the (S-LET) is complete in order to sustain the skills obtained during the (S-LET). This will ensure the student remains fully capable and consistently engaged in the skills he has obtained through access to the following program benefits:

  • Track student progress via our web site, starting from the first online assessment and progressing throughout his/her sustainment cycle.
  • Have student sessions with the instructor recorded and uploaded under personally designated areas in our web site so the student can review his lessons at any time.
  • Receive specific reports for individual students or groups of students that track the progress being made by each student or group of students. These reports are very helpful in determining future focus area requirements.
  • Receive a lesson of the day delivered in the general student area of our web site to provide students with additional opportunities to excel.
  • Schedule your distance learning sessions online.
  • Access to developers capable of generating sustainment curriculum modules or modifying existing materials, tailored to specific client requirements.
  • Tailored Distance learning (TDL) sessions conducted one on one to allow for maximum flexibility, skill enhancement, and focus. The tailored distance learning (TDL) sessions are founded on hour based instruction modules and will be scalable in depth to accommodate individual ability.
  • Purpose built hour long distance learning language training modules. The modules can be designed around specific client requirements and can be expanded or contracted based upon individual student ability level. The modules can be made available electronically on an organizationally specific tailored distance learning (TDL) web page library.