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Foreign Language Training

XCI provides foreign language training, services and products delivered at the highest standard. XCI leverages our IT capability, training management experience, and global network of professionals to provide foreign language education and training services, programs, and products that are unparalleled in quality and unequalled in value. XCI has developed a host of applications, learning management systems, exceptional curricula, interactive online dictionaries, and CGI video products which are linguistically, regionally, and culturally specific. XCI applies a holistic approach to foreign language education addressing all aspects of proficiency development through a complete suite of resources tailored to the customers’ requirements.

Foreign language initial acquisition training on site or online

Through our broad network of on hand professional educators we provide efficient and effective foreign language initial acquisition training to adult learners in all major languages. Through years of experience we have developed programs and delivery techniques which meet demanding schedule requirements, unique program focus goals, and individual learning styles.

Foreign language proficiency assessments

To measure training efficacy, we provide (American Council for Teaching Foreign Languages) ACTFL assessments and performance feedback sessions in conjunction with all our foreign language training programs.

Distance Learning via Integrated dashboard

Through our website and integrated user dashboard we offer a seamless distance learning experience incorporating one on one or small group student to instructor ratio live training sessions with customized course content providing the best online foreign language learning experience in the industry. Our dashboard provides specific tools for learners, presenters and managers.

Tailored curriculum design

program design, customized lesson plans, and dialect appropriate authentic learning material. Based off customer requirements assessments XCI produces programs of instruction, lesson plans, Syllabi and authentic learning material to meet proficiency level and task specific foreign language learning requirements. Whether a program is required to be academically focused or task oriented our tailored programs and materials are scalable in length and flexible in scope to best meet user demands.

Customized Live Environment Training (LET)

in regionally specific dialect appropriate locations. We offer a broad variety of full immersion foreign language, regional expertise and cultural education programs. Programs may be arranged by component “a la carte” or as fully integrated, all inclusive, turn key experiences.

Task based evaluated situational training exercises (ESTX)

designed to assess foreign language proficiency, task proficiency, and cultural acumen. The ESTX is a revolutionary foreign language proficiency and cultural awareness exercise conducted in dialect appropriate live environments. The exercises are designed to develop the participants ability to negotiate specific tasks unaided using the native language, applying culturally appropriate behavior, and displaying a level of regional expertise. Exercise scenarios are tailored to meet the customers end state training goals.

Full scope foreign language sustainment and enhancement training programs (L-SET)

Our LSET program incorporates all components of our foreign language training enterprise to provide a holistic, integrated approach to foreign language initial acquisition, proficiency sustainment and proficiency enhancement training.

Feature Language Tailored Curriculum Development (TCD)

Feature Language employs a staff of highly qualified foreign language professionals. We are capable of rapidly generating unique curriculum or modifying existing curriculum to be used in conjunction with DL programs or for direct delivery to the customer. By collaborating closely with your organization we will clearly define your specific curriculum requirements.

Isolated Live Environment Training I-LET

Although our LET programs are similar, I-LET programs are far more intensive and are conducted in an accessible isolated environment. I-LET training is created in non-indigenous environments. Students and instructors are sequestered in an isolated environment that yields fewer distractions and increases intensity, focus, and retention. I-LET training incorporates more classroom instruction than more traditional LET programs. Additionally, they add a more in-depth, cultural education dimension to the training curriculum. The student-teacher ratio for I- LET programs is maintained at no more than ten to one. I-LET programs can be tailored to students of all levels of proficiency and ability. Because of their intensity, I-LET programs have proven to be very effective for groups of students with limited or no background in the target language or culture.