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Tailored Distance Learning Process (TDL)

With the tailored distance learning (TDL) units the student receives an individualized program that allows him to focus on the language skills that he personally requires. It also provides the student with a clear understanding of his strengths and weaknesses, so we can work on them together

Our distance learning (DL) units focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing with a primary focus on speaking and listening comprehension. The units are designed entirely around the student's requirements and skill level. The units are instrumental in further developing and sustaining the student's skills. They are designed to enhance existing strengths and strengthen existing weaknesses. Performed in a one-on-one environment all lessons are specifically tailored to the student's ability level and goals.

The Speaking and Listening Units are designed to maximize the efficiency of the time the student spends with the instructor. By exchanging information beforehand the instructor will know the student's goals and will work with him to help him to achieve them.

The Reading and Writing Unit allows Feature Language trainers to work with the student in specifically determined subject areas selected by the student. The instruction will be based around written assignments the student produces relevant to his desired focus areas. The reading will also center on student selected focus areas. By analyzing and correcting the student's written material and assessing his reading comprehension the trainer will be able to improve the student's performance in both of these areas.

Our distance learning speaking and listening units are executed using various virtual live conference tools and are intended to be used as:

  • a preparatory tool for work or school related assignments.
  • a preparatory tool before attending a live environment training (LET) event.
  • a sustainment tool after returning from an (LET) event.
  • part of a holistic foreign language skill sustainment and enhancement training (SET) system.

The student will decide the focus area of the speaking and listening unit he wants to focus on and through our web sites scheduling function will provide Feature Language a brief outline of what he hopes to achieve in the lesson.

Upon receipt of the student's request, one of our instructors will:

  1. Design a program to best meet the student's goals.
  2. Develop a mutually amenable schedule of DL sessions totaling up to 180 minutes per week.
  3. Work with the student to improve his speaking and listening skills in order to increase his skill and confidence in the task he has chosen to focus on.

Our distance learning reading and writing units are designed to be used as:

  • a preparatory tool for a work or school related assignment.
  • a preparatory tool before attending an (LET) event.
  • a sustainment tool after returning from an (LET) event.
  • part of a holistic foreign language skill sustainment and enhancement training (SET) system.

On our website we will electronically post reading assignments from student selected subject areas. We will assign student writing assignments from specific student selected subject areas. When we receive the student's written assignment, one of our trainers will:

  1. Check the student's written work.
  2. Correct and comment on the student's written assignment using Word notes.
  3. Discuss his/her findings with the student during the student's distance learning session.
  4. Assign additional writing and reading assignments to the student upon request.