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Fully Integrated Learning Management System LMS

XCI’s Learning Management System LMS provides registered users access to a modularized and tailored web-based LMS application for on-line foreign language instruction. XCI’s LMS is PC and mobile device compatible to work on most mobile platforms including Apple’s IPhone/Ipad and Android operating systems. Our LMS is designed to provide individual presenter, learner and administrator accounts depending upon user requirements. We provide each registered learner, organizational administrator and presenter an interactive software subscription, that is, an individualized log-in user name and password for authority to gain access to and use our LMS platform. Our LMS platform security protocol is IAW DoD Instruction 8551.1 and other customary commercial standards so as to allow unencumbered registered access, protection against unauthorized data disclosure, and other security measures as needed.

Arabic Root

Our interactive online meta dictionary of Modern Standard and Colloquial Egyptian Arabic offers the customer a new approach to learning a diglossic language. The platform has a searchable database of over 110,000 entries in both MSA and Egyptian Arabic as well as verb conjugation and root word mapping tools. Our platform is available via the web at and as an iOS and Android application.

Foreign Language Training Videos

Our CGI products include a wide range of regionally focused, cultural and dialect specific task based three to five-minute vignettes. These interactive task focused products are designed to customer specifications and can focus on any topic.

XCI's task based dialect specific training videos incorporate, regionally specific background and characters as well as scenario specific dialogue at the customers request. All voice recordings are performed by native speakers of the target language.