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Our Services

Foreign Language Services

XCI provides translation and interpreting services in over 90 languages. We help you communicate your message globally.

XCI provides high quality on site and remote interpretation services in multiple languages and dialects. We can provide general and technical interpretation and translation and are able to provide interpreters with security clearances if required.
XCI provides straight document translation of all types of documents and Website Translation using our vast network of versatile, qualified translators. Our translation professionals are carefully selected and each holds a certificate/degree received on completion of a recognized academic program in translation; certification/accreditation by an internationally-recognized certifying body, native level proficiency in the target language and an excellent understanding of the source language; and experience working in the assigned field of required expertise.
Subtitling is the process of providing multi-lingual, textual renditions of spoken audio and graphics. Through subtitling, we provide fluid, accurate, and natural translations of all types of video, exponentially broadening the scope of your audience to include speakers of the more than 100 languages with which we work. Our translators are native speakers who are seasoned in translating technical and specialized language and adroit at conveying a multiplicity of styles, tones and genres. We also reformat files between variations of the same language--for instance, between Castilian and Latin American Spanish, European and Brazilian Portuguese, or European and Canadian French. Additionally, we employ editors who are native speakers of the target and source languages and meticulously research and review the files to ensure that all of our final products are of the highest quality and readability and exacting to all client specifications.
XCI takes a diversified approach to real-time captioning, specializing in several different mediums including, television stations and networks,- local, provincial and national government groups, distance learning organizations, special events, webcasting, and emergency captioning. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of accuracy available in the real-time market. Currently, our captioning professionals produce captions that are far above the National Court Reporters Association’s requirements for accuracy. We maintain our company standard of 99% and strive to obtain perfection in all captions we perform.
Our narration, dubbing and voice over talent are actors and broadcasters with extensive backgrounds in advertising, theatre, radio, TV and film with different ranges in age and vocal style to suit our clients specific needs. XCI’s dubbing genre includes animation, live action, compilations, live shows, documentaries, promos, interactive games, bonus material, trailers, corporate videos, and vocals for several media, including television, DVD/DV and theatrical releases. In addition to Arabic, Spanish and German, we provide dubbing in French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and other languages upon request.
XCI Transcription specializes in the highest quality audio and video transcriptions and provides quick turnaround to meet our clients often quick deadlines, every time. The accuracy and high quality of our work are guaranteed. We provide clean, easy-to-read transcripts that are completely confidential. Your transcript will be accurate and the copy will flow. It will be grammatically correct and we don’t have surcharges for multiple speakers, accents and suboptimal original recordings.